Access symbols

Access symbols

  • Business unit has level access to entrance door
  • Level access also inside the business unit (also via elevator)
  • Max 5cm obstacle height by the door
  • At least 80cm door width

  • Ramp or slope, leading to the entrance door, or inside the unit, at least 90cm wide and it's inclination doesn't excede 8%
  • Spacious elevator, leading to the entrance door, or inside the unit
  • At least 80cm door width

No more than 6 steps leading to the entrance.
A handrail by the steps

Spacious elevator, with at least 90cm door width.

Standard toilet.

  • At least 80cm door width
  • Grab rails by the toilet available
  • Enough space to manouver a wheelchair (at least 150cm in diameter!)

Parking in front of the business unit, or close-by.

Business unit has at least one labeled and wide enough disabled parking place, that's within 50 metres of the unit.

  • Level access (or via elevator) leading to the room
  • Width of all the doors, leading to the room, is at least 80cm
  • Accessible bathroom (with tub or a chair!) and toilet in the room
For details contact the provider!

Accessible and spacious wardrobe (dressing room).

Accessible public shower (seat, bathing wheelchair, etc.)

For thermal spas and pools: Pool hoist, elevator or similar system, enabling the disabled to go into the water.

A seat or a table is available at the business unit for customers to transfer on, for example hairdressers, massage parlours,...

  • Path on to a beach (sand/gravel) suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Beach, accessible by bathing wheelchairs, elevators or similar accessory.

Access to public transport for people with disabilities.

Universal key, that guarantees accessibility to public facilities with specific requirements for people with a disability. It is used throughout Europe. 
In Slovenia those are mainly accessible toilets and elevators.