Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Legal notice


You are visiting the web portal pridem.si. Our main business and mission is to help the visitors of our website with their search of business venues (restaurants, movie theatres, hotels, etc.) that are accessible to physically impaired persons. The site acts as pathway between customers and providers of said locations. In addition, the web portal features special offers of our business partners, news and classified ads. The web portal pridem.si acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.  


Terms and conditions of use for the web portal are written and set in accordance with Slovenian legislation as well as international regulations for electronical commerce.


The term web manager (administrator) describes the owner and manager of the website pridem.si, which is the company Dostopnost, upravljanje spletne strani za enake možnosti, spletni imenik dostopnih lokacij, d.o.o. Abbreviated name: Dostopnost d.o.o. Registration number: 6830803000. Tax identification number (TIN): 78142741.
The term user describes every person or computer system that is directly or indirectly accessing, viewing or using the content of the website pridem.si.
The term provider describes every business establishment published on our website's search engine as an accessible location. 
The term provider of special offers describes every business establishment that is participating on our website with s special offer or service. They can be found inside the square shaped frame in the middle of the website pridem.si, just under the search engine.

The term owner of a classified ads describes every natural person that has sent a classified ad to our e-mail address info@pridem.si.

1.  Obligations and responsibilities of the web manager
The company Dostopnost d.o.o. is committed to ensure the contents of this website will be of high quality, accessible at all times, legal and up-to-date. It will also not contain any illegal or morally questionable elements as well as any computer viruses, Trojan horses or other similar elements. Nevertheless, the service of the web portal pridem.si is available such at it is, and offers no guarantee of operation.
The content published on our websites is the property of the web portal pridem.si and can be used only for non-commercial purposes and therefore may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise circulated. The web portal pridem.si also reserves the right to change the content. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. will ensure the websites accuracy and actualization of published information with the utmost care, but will not take any responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, as well as for any damage that may result from this. Dostopnost d.o.o. also does not bare any responsibility for consequences caused by the information contained on this website. The web portal Pridem.si assumes no responsibility for any viruses that could be downloaded to the users from this website.  
Protection of personal data

Dostopost d.o.o. is committed that the acquired personal information of users will be stored and protected in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.
All information, materials and data on this website are intended for informational purposes only. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. will strive to optimize the functioning of the website, but does not assume any responsibility and liability for the undisturbed working of the website. All users use this website at their own risk. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. cannot be responsible for any damages (including viruses) to computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application that can make it possible to gain access, thus visit or use the site. Neither the company Dostopnost d.o.o., nor any other natural or legal person who participated in the creation, manufacture and setting up of this site or is still participating in updating of the site is not in any way liable for any damages resulting from access, use or the inability to use the information and materials published on the website as well as any errors and insufficiencies of its content. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. automatically collects data regarding the use of the website, especially the information about the visitation of individual pages. Such data does not allow access to user’s personal data. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. uses the information about the site’s visitation numbers for its own purposes.
The website contains advertisements of natural and legal persons. 
The company Dostopnost d.o.o can change this legal notice at any time and is binding to the user in any modified form.  By using this ebwsite you agree with our terms and conditions and are in full accordance with them.
Since the online information system pridem.si links to other external websites that are not directly related to the company, we do not accept any responsibility for protection of data on those websites. The company Dostopnost d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for visiting and using linked websites, and is therefore free of any liability.  

2.  The user agrees to:
  • not to use the service or any of its contents for the purposes of publishing or reproduction without the written agreement issued by the web portal,
  • not to use the service for commercial, illegal or any other purposes,
  • not to distribute copyrighted content or other content that is owned by other legal or natural persons,
  • not to attempt to gather, collect and / or store personal data of other providers and users,
  • not to use computer codes, malicious software or anything else that might interfere, disable  or damage this service, the service providers as well as the provider’s  software and hardware, the service path and telecommunications devices. 
  • not to use unauthorized access to the web portal or publish unauthorised contents without prior permission. 
Commenting rules for users

Commenting access points on the website pridem.si is not a right but individual’s opportunity. It is however, very desirable to post feedback information regarding the property, its accessibility and any other possible available symbols. The authors of the posted comments are expressing their own opinion and do so at their own risk.
According to the criminal code, an individual is criminally responsible for public incitement of hatred, violence or intolerance, and a threat to attack the life or body of another person.
The web portal reserves the right to delete messages or parts of messages. Any legally contentious and offensive comments will be removed.  
3.  Obligations and responsibility of the provider 
The provider registers to enter the portal pridem.si as an accessible location via the website http://www.pridem.si/nova-lokacija. On that website one enters their contact details as well as their e-mail address. Relevant symbols that reflect its accessibility as well as any other characteristic must (parking, toilets, etc.) must also be marked properly. The symbols are described on this link or the description of each symbol appears when placing the mouse over a certain symbol. Under every symbol, images of the location and its description can be added. On the bottom, the provider marks (ticks off) if he is the official representative (e.g. employee) of the organizations that is being featured on the site. After reviewing the data, the web manager sends the provider a confirmation e-mail containing the data marked and described by the provider as well as the conditions of entry to the site. As the e-mail also states, by clicking on the link in the sent mail, the provider confirms and guarantees the accuracy of all posted information. After confirmation, the location is published on the website under the relevant place, region and activity.

In case the provider wishes to enter more than one location (e.g. gas station), he can send the contact details of each location and corresponding symbols for each location or several locations via regular mail or e-mail. Optionally, he can add a description and picture for each location, respectively. The letter or e-mail must clearly state that the provider guarantees the accuracy of the submitted data and agrees with the publication on our web page. Pridem.si then enters and publishes all submitted locations to the web page. 
Within the frame of liability regulations, the provider guarantees the company Dostopnost d.o.o. that any submitted information is under the relevant copyright act and is committed to reimburse any damage that might steam from breaching the copyright regulations. 
For the purposes of publication, the provider of a service is bound to provide the administrator of the portal accurate information. The accuracy of the information (e.g. accessibility of the venue) is the responsibility of the provider. The administrator (manager) shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience arising from false, incorrect, misleading or outdated data submitted by the provider. 
The administrator (manager) reserves the right to carry out grammatical and other corrections of the data transmitted by the provider, including graphic material as well its synchronization with the technical characteristics of the portal.
By clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail, the provider confirms and guarantees that the person who acts in his behalf as a liaison with the portal / portal's administrator and acts as a contact person, has all the necessary authorization for such functioning. In case the contact person changes, the provider is bound to immediately inform the administrator about such made changes, in addition he will ensure that the new contact person meets the criteria described in this paragraph.
Permission for publishing data 
The provider consents and permits the administrator (manager) to make the information mentioned in the previous paragraph publicly available or made publicly available on the portal.
The provider consents and permits the administrator (manager) to published information referred to in the previous paragraph in such a way that allows the administrator or any other third party to contact (visit) the provider by phone, emails, regular mail, etc. 
The provider agrees and authorizes that the submitted information and other facts regarding the provider (accessibility, offers, quality of service, etc.) are made available to users for comments, reviews, remarks, and ratings. The provider acknowledges and accepts the fact that there is a possibility the published comments, critique, observations and assessments will possibly entail a contents that contradict the interests of the provider. 
The use of the web portal’s services and data transmission to the manager are voluntary. The administrator (manager) is not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by published data related to the provider and data that can be found on the portal or generated through other means of publication and communication. The administrator is also not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused to the provider due to temporary or permanent failure of the portal. The administrator does not assume any guarantee for the functioning of the web portal or the time frame during which the data relevant to the provider is going to be published on the portal.
The administrator (manager) is not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused to the provider by actions of third party involvement who have acted independently. The provider agrees and acknowledges that portal users who are posting comments, reviews, remarks and ratings about the information and other facts regarding the provider, are acting independent and are not in accordance with the web manager. 
The provider agrees and acknowledges that in the case of comments, critique, remarks and reviews that are not in accordance with his interests or will cause him damage, he will not demand the web manager to take action, unless an unlawful or criminal offense has occurred and can be proven. If such conduct is determined, the provider will also forward and present any evidence proving such behaviour or action. The stipulations of this paragraph must and cannot be interpreted in such a way that the manager has assumed any obligation to act against the actions of users. The administrator's (manager’s) action is a matter of his own discretion and decision.
The provider is aware and agrees with the fact that the administrator (manager) has the right to (at any time) temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of the portal and / or ceases to publish data regarding services without giving any reason and does not have to inform the provider of such actions. The manager will not be liable for any damages or inconvenience due to the termination of publication of data or dissolution of the web portal. 
The provider agrees that accepting general terms and conditions and the manager’s publishing and accepting of data delivered by the provider does not generate any financial or other obligations or consequences for the manager. 
Intellectual property rights 
The provider guarantees that his published pictures, graphics and other material include economic and administrative copyrights that allow the legal publication of material on the web portal and that there are no existing rights relating to third parties, which would prevent such publications. By accepting these general conditions, the provider transfers economic copyrights of reproduction, including storage in an electronic format, distribution and public availability of administered art, graphics and other material to the manager. The transfer of rights has no space and time constraints. The manager may transfer the acquired copyright material freely to a third party. 

4.  Special offers
The web portal pridem.si also acts as an intermediary of special offers generated by certain businesses. The special offers are located in a square shaped frame located in the middle of the introduction website pridem.si, under the search engine.  
The provider of special offers guarantees he has a licence to carry out the service under which he advertises or offers said products or services. In addition, he guarantees he owns all the necessary authorization and approvals needed for the performance of such activities.
The company Dostopnost d.o.o. acts here as an intermediary and does not vouch for the accuracy of the data. 
You can find additional information regarding advertisement here.

5.  Regulation of classified ads, obligations and responsibilities of the owner and manager of classified ads

The web portal pridem.si also acts an intermediary between buyers and seller who are legal entities. Classified ads are not intended for legal persons! 

The administrator (manager) reserves the right not to publish an advertisement that is illegal, harmful, misleading, morally inappropriate, offensive or in any other way in contradiction with the legislation of Republic of Slovenia.   

The provider must not forward (to third parties) the personal data of the owner of a classified ad without his knowledge and approval, except in cases of abuse or other violations of the law. In the case of legal violations and other forms of abuse, the information about the owner such classified add will be forwarded to the authorized institutions. 

The administrator (manager) is not responsible for the authenticity of submitted ads.  The sole responsibility for the listings (including the additional links and media content) bears the owner of the classified ad, the manager acts here only as an intermediary of information.

The administrator (manager) must handle all the received data in compliance with the law. The manager may use the owner's data until the owner of the ad recalls it. 

The owner of the classified ad is a natural person who submits the ad for publication on the website pridem.si via our email address  info@pridem.si. Natural persons can use classified ads free of charge. 

Only persons who are at least 15 years old can submit a classified ad.

The owner of a classified ad vouches not to publish advertisements for someone else without his consent, in which case such act is unlawful. Impersonating is a criminal offense that is prosecuted by the law.

Submitted listings must be consistent with the content and purpose of the portal pridem.si. Because the portal is primarily intended for physically impaired persons, the posted ads are intended for products or devices used by them (e.g. wheelchairs, crutches, etc.). The administrator (manager) reserves the right not to publish an ad, if he considers the ad is not relevant to the intended audience. Such assessment is fully reserved for the manager of the website. The administrator also reserves judgment not to publish an ad, if its release will bring harm to the website.

The classified ad must be written in the Slovenian language. 

The owner of a classified ad assumes the legal and material responsibility and vouches the ad is authentic and not a commercial advertisement. He also vouches the ad does not promote stolen or counterfeit goods or goods which marketing and advertising is prohibited by law. With the submitted ad the owner agrees to uphold and respect all international and domestic legislation.

Classified ads must contain specific details and the description of the item that is sold as well as contact information of the ad's owner (telephone number, e-mail). Subject matter of the ad must relate solely to the subject of the sale. Classified ads must not advertise other products or anything else that is not directly linked to the subject of the advert. 

The classified ad can contain one or more photos of the object on sale or lease. These images must be the property of the owner of the classified ad – that means the photos he or she created or photographed. The responsibility for the publication of such images that are copyright protected falls to the owner of the classified ad.

Among the owners of a confidential ads – the sellers, and interested parties – the buyers, certain obligations are established. All possible disputes arising from these relationships (e.g. regarding the offered contents, the product and price offer, etc.) shall be resolved solely between the seller and the buyer. Sellers and buyers on the website accept the trading method typical for the internet. The administrator (manager) cannot be held liable in cases if/when one of the owners of classified ads has submitted incomplete or false identification data.
The provider agrees that any dispute that may arise from the fact the provider has submitted to the administrator (manager) information or released information from the portal or any other relationship regarding released information will be resolved by the authorised courts in the city of Murska Sobota.
Regardless of nationality or the nationality of the provider any disputes arising from the previous paragraph are subject to the law and regulations of the Republic of Slovenia, and are not to be subjected to the international private law and regulations.
Changes of the terms of use 
The administrator (manager) reserves the right to modify (at any time) the conditions of use, if he deems it necessary. The amended conditions of use shall be valid from the moment of publication on his website and are used for individual users from the point of their acceptance of these new terms.
The company Dostopnost d.o.o. may amend or discontinue the website at any time without prior notice and does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of these changes.
The usage of this website in contrary to stated rules is prohibited. The user who uses the site in a manner that is contrary to stated rules is fully liable and materially responsible for damages. 
Validation of general terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions apply from July 1, 2015 
Changes submitted on: November 19, 2015